Barclays Goes All In for Female-Founded Fintechs

Barclays and leading global FinTech investor, Anthemis announced a partnership to co-launch a New York City-based studio targeting female entrepreneurs to establish sustainable, valuable FinTech businesses.

Despite female-founded startups outperforming their male counterparts in terms of revenueaccording to research by Pitchbook2, in 2017, just over 2% of venture capital funding went to all-female startup teams. As two leaders in the FinTech community, Barclays and Anthemis have joined forces to launch the Female Innovators Lab, which is aimed at bridging this gap. The partnership will drive greater diversity and inclusion in FinTech.

The Female Innovators Lab by Barclays and Anthemis is a hands-on program targeting budding founders at the earliest stage of their journey. Barclays and Anthemis will work with female entrepreneurs and their founding teams to shape and execute a vision, from concept development through to business launch and seed investment.

Once established, the startups will move into Barclays’ newly expanded Rise building in New York’s Silicon Alley, where they will have unparalleled access to mentoring and networking opportunities from the world-class FinTech hub.

To learn more about the Female Innovators Lab or to apply, please visit

Mariquit Corcoran, Managing Director, Group Innovation, at Barclays said:

“By supporting female entrepreneurs at the earliest stage in their journey, I am hopeful that we can significantly improve diversity in the wider FinTech investment ecosystem. In addition to the close alignment with Barclays’ wider strategy on diversity and inclusion across the bank, our partnership with Anthemis will continue to drive innovation and open up opportunities for Barclays and our colleagues, clients and customers.”

Amy Nauiokas, CEO and Founder at Anthemis, said:

“A commitment to diversity has been a core part of Anthemis’ DNA since our inception. Even so, we’ve seen a disappointing number of venture-backable companies led by women come through our pipeline. 15% of the startups in our current portfolio have female founders. While that is well over the industry average, it’s not enough. We are thrilled to work with a partner who shares our mission to close the entrepreneurship gender gap in FinTech, making sure that women’s ideas get the encouragement, mentorship, and, ultimately, funding they deserve.”


Barclays operates in over 40 countries and employs approximately 83,500 people. Rise, created by Barclays exists to create the ultimate conditions for innovation and growth in financial services working with 150 FinTech companies who call Rise home, and a virtual community of over 7,500 members.

Since 2010, Anthemis has made more than 90 investments and offers 150+ years of partner domain expertise.

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