Small Business Owners Get a Big Break with VizyPay

VizyPay is offering a new program allowing a business owner to process unlimited credit card transactions for as low as $25/month. This new way of implementing a cash discount program has never been available to business owners before and is only made possible by VizyPay’s unique technology, resulting in a flat low fee for unlimited credit card processing. This announcement comes after a major player in the payments processing industry announced that they are changing their well-known 2.75% flat-fee model. Small business owners continue to see unpredictable increases in monthly credit card processing fees, especially if they are with a company that no longer offers a flat-fee option. These rising expenses and varying monthly processing bills can be devastating for small business owners, making VizyPay’s new program a great replacement.  

“VizyPay was founded with the intent of looking out for small businesses, and we believe our unique programs do just that,” says Austin Mac Nab, Managing Partner at VizyPay. “For the first time in our industry’s history, business owners have an option to pay nothing for accepting credit cards besides a flat monthly fee, and they deserve to hear about it.”

Features and benefits of VizyPay’s new Cash Discount program include:

  • No more unpredictable credit card processing bills
  • Unlimited credit card processing for as low as $25/month
  • Available on a wide range of technology, from basic card terminals to mobile payments and full POS systems
  • Seamlessly integrates with most POS systems
  • More cash in the business owner’s pocket

VizyPay’s new Cash Discount program will be available starting October 2019 for between $25-$100 per month, depending on volume. For more information on VizyPay’s unique Cash Discount Program, check out this link: For a free savings analysis, visit

About VizyPay: VizyPay was founded in West Des Moines, Iowa, by three entrepreneurs who each had either significant credit card processing experience or were previously small business owners.

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